Modern Kitchens

Encompassing an extensive range of hand-built and German kitchens, our modern collection combines superb quality and design versatility. Our elegant, contemporary kitchens are typified by clean lines and uncluttered detailing. They bring breathtaking aesthetics and cutting-edge functionality into perfect harmony, making them ideal for modern living, where space, style, and efficiency are key.

Elegant & Versatile Modern Kitchens

Whether you select a sleek hand-built design from our linear range or a crisp minimalist scheme from our German partners, all our contemporary kitchens bear the hallmark of quality. Our range includes both handled and handleless designs, as well as an extensive choice of finishes. Offering impressive versatility and sophisticated, pared-back looks, our modern kitchens make a gorgeous focal point to new and period homes alike.

The Perfect Finishing Touches

From luxurious stone worktops to high-end appliances, at John Ladbury, you’ll find everything you need to put the perfect finishing touches on your space. We pride ourselves on creating kitchens that are completely unique to you and your household. We know that even the smallest details can make all the difference to the overall look and feel of your interior. That’s why we’ll liaise with you on every design decision, guiding you through our extensive choice of surface finishes, worktops, accessories, and appliances to personalise your design. Our bespoke service allows us to tailor all aspects of your kitchen to complement your lifestyle and capture your personality. And as Hatfield’s leading independent specialist team, you can rely on us to deliver the perfect result.

Discover Our Contemporary Range

If you haven’t experienced a modern handleless kitchen before, we would love to introduce you to our stunning collection. Our beautiful, clean-lined contemporary kitchens don’t just differ in terms of looks. Our most popular handleless styles are designed to open and close without traditional handles. You can try them out for yourself at our showroom near Hatfield. Seeing our elegant modern kitchens in person is a great way to envisage your new space. Plus, our friendly and knowledgeable team will be on hand throughout your visit to offer advice and support.

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