Kitchens Across Stevenage

Discover bespoke kitchen expertise in Stevenage, where your kitchen vision becomes a reality. At John Ladbury Kitchens, we craft kitchen spaces that harmoniously combine aesthetics and functionality, with your vision at the heart of it. As a family-run business, we pride ourselves on our personal approach and attention to detail with our clients. For over 40 years, we have been creating unique kitchens in Stevenage and beyond, offering an honest, enjoyable, and professional service.

Beautifully Bespoke Stevenage Kitchens

Every kitchen we design is a masterpiece of precision and artistry. Our bespoke approach means that each kitchen is custom-made to match your preferences and lifestyle requirements. This results in a space that truly reflects your personality and lifestyle. From concept to completion, our team of skilled craftsmen execute every detail flawlessly. We understand that your kitchen is much more than just another room in your house. It’s where you connect with loved ones and where life unfolds. Therefore, we are committed to ensuring that you are delighted with every aspect of your design.

Kitchen Styles

Your kitchen should be an extension of your style, and we offer a wide range of kitchen styles to meet your preferences. Whether you're drawn to the classic elegance of traditional kitchens or the seamless lines of modern designs, we offer something to suit everyone's project aspirations. Over a span of four decades, we have acquired the expertise to perfectly bring your vision to life.

Classic Kitchens

Our classic kitchen designs take inspiration from the Edwardian and Victorian periods. With timeless aesthetics and rustic charm, our collection provides abundant choices to elevate your living space.

Traditional Kitchens

Modern Kitchens

Our sleek, contemporary designs boast seamless lines and striking styles.  By offering a range of innovative features and following the latest trends, our collection of modern kitchens will instantly inspire you.

Modern Kitchens

Other Rooms

As well as beautifully bespoke kitchens, at John Ladbury we cater to all rooms in your home. Our custom-made furniture will effortlessly elevate your living spaces to new heights…

Other Rooms

Committed To Excellence

At John Ladbury Kitchens, excellence is not just a goal; it's our standard. Our commitment to using the finest materials, paired with our meticulous attention to detail, ensures that each kitchen we create is a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Since our beginning in 1978, we have built breathtaking kitchens that our clients enjoy year after year. Drawing from our extensive experience and success at navigating an array of situations, we are equipped with a remarkable skill set that enables us to overcome any obstacle, as we create kitchens that are nothing short of exceptional. Our design team remains at the forefront of emerging trends, presenting you with a diverse range of options to consider when designing your new interior.

Your Project In Expert Hands

With a rich heritage and decades of experience, John Ladbury has earned its reputation as the premier kitchen specialist throughout Stevenage. From the initial design concept to the final moments of installation, our team is with you every step of your design journey. We pride ourselves on our personal, honest, and open approach where your happiness is at the heart of every decision we make. Our expert team will listen carefully to all your requirements ensuring the final product completely aligns with your vision. From cutting-edge appliances to the pristine finishes on your cabinetry, we will meticulously review all the details, so you are elated with every piece of it.

Our Exquisite Showroom Near Stevenage

Step into a world of inspiration at our exquisite showroom located near Stevenage. Here, you can witness firsthand the beauty and quality that define John Ladbury kitchens. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our designs, explore the various styles, and envision how our creations can transform your home.

Our showroom is more than just a display of kitchens. It is a space where dreams take shape and where ideas flourish. From lavish worktops to state-of-the-art appliances, you can view all aspects of your kitchen design at our luxurious showroom. As well as being the perfect setting to begin your design journey, it is also an opportunity to chat with our experts and ask all the questions you have about your upcoming project. Our team at John Ladbury will be pleased to go through all the details with you and guide you around our elegant displays, discussing possible options and solutions for your kitchen space.

Located just a 25-minute drive from Stevenage along the A1, you can find us in Alpha Business Park. With ample free parking outside, you have plenty of time to peruse our displays. We look forward to seeing you there!

Our Showroom

Begin Your Journey…

Your journey to the kitchen of your dreams begins here. With John Ladbury, you're not just getting a kitchen; you're getting a masterpiece tailored to your taste, lifestyle, and needs. Our passion for crafting exceptional kitchens knows no bounds, and we are dedicated to making your space a true reflection of you. Experience the magic of bespoke kitchen design in Stevenage with John Ladbury. Simply click the button below to book a design consultation and take the first step towards turning your kitchen aspirations into a reality.

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