Beautiful White In-Frame Kitchen with Stunning Grey Island


This exquisite Shaker-style painted kitchen embodies a seamless blend of classic craftsmanship and modern luxury, presenting an elegant yet functional heart of the home. The soft, neutral tones of the cabinetry are complemented by the sophisticated use of Clearwater sinks and the innovative Quooker Pro Fusion tap in patinated brass, which offers instant boiling water with timeless style. The NEFF appliances, a hallmark of quality, are integrated with finesse, ensuring that this kitchen is equipped for culinary excellence without compromising on the visual harmony of the design.

The kitchen's attention to detail is further exemplified by the Bora Xpure induction hob, a sleek and efficient cooking surface that maintains the kitchen's streamlined look. This is set against the backdrop of an antique mirrored splashback behind the sink, which not only adds a touch of opulence but also creates a sense of space and depth. The Calacatta Oro Ligrio quartz composite work surfaces reflect light beautifully, their veined sophistication reminiscent of fine Italian marble, adding a luxurious touch to the food preparation areas.

Practicality meets elegance in the form of a bespoke oak breakfast bar, featuring painted pocket doors that offer a clever storage solution while maintaining the clean lines of the kitchen. The bar provides a casual dining space, inviting family and friends to gather and socialise. Above, the cabinets are adorned with glazed fluted glass, a nod to classic design elements that allow for a subtle display of fine glassware or cherished items, enhancing the kitchen's charm and character.

Behind The Design

Completing this stunning kitchen is an open dresser type drinks cabinet, perfect for showcasing a selection of fine spirits and glassware, and a Caple wine fridge, ensuring that the perfect bottle is always at the ideal temperature and within reach. The Foundry Stamford bar and handles add a final touch of understated elegance, their design resonating with the kitchen's overall aesthetic. Every element of this kitchen speaks of a considered approach to design, where aesthetics and function are in perfect unison, promising a delightful culinary and social experience.