Spotlight on Perrin and Rowe's boiling tap

John Ladbury recommends: Product spotlight: Celeste 3-in-1 Perfect for hot drinks, cooking, food preparation as well as cleaning, the majestic Celeste 3-in-1 Instant Hot Sink Mixer benefits from classic styling, but with the latest cutting edge technology, offering up-to 98°C steaming filtered water instantly, as well as hot and cold. 

An innovative anti-scald locking mechanism provides added peace of mind that steaming water cannot accidentally be dispensed, while a premium Nano-technology cartridge not only filters the water but prevents limescale build up as well. 

An independent waterway ensures the near-boiling flow is not cross-contaminated by standard mains and prevents the spout from becoming too hot in the process. It also features bearing rings and engineered ‘O’ seals on its handles and spout to prolong the life of the mixer, while also delivering a 'wobble-free' feel.

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