Sous Vide Cooking

Vide is a way of vacuum packing food which is then placed in a water bath to keep in the moisture and flavour in and tenderise the food without it touching water or air. The literal translation is ‘under vacuum’ which at its simplest means that the vacuum-packed food is cooked at a very specific temperature all the way through the cooking process, ensuring even cooking with no burnt or raw bits.

t can be done very simply by buying a portable device that sits inside a saucepan of water and regulates the temperature, but the cooking time can be ridiculously long. For example, a large brisket of beef can take 40 hours to cook in a portable sous vide, whereas it would take two hours on a low setting in a combi-steam oven or a warming drawer on a low temperature. Because of these restraints the Sous Vide way of cooking was previously the domain of chefs and large caterers, but due to new and easier technology it has finally found its way into the average food lover’s heart. Miele have launched their cutting-edge technology with Generation 7000, a range of cookers which include a vacuum warming drawer and dual-steam oven, ideal for Sous Vide cooking. Miele’s appliances are renowned for their sleek look and energy-efficient settings. To find out more visit the Miele website: Here

Siemens has likewise introduced the vacuum drawer in combination with a steam cooker. Simply vacuum pack your food using the drawer unit and then place into the steam oven for the required time. John Ladbury and Company have invested in a Sous Vide drawer in the showroom so feel free to come in and take a look, as the concept of Sous Vide cooking can take some understanding.

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